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Dobe Nintendo Switch Controller Charging Grip 1800mAh

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    Dobe Nintendo Switch Controller Charging Grip 1800mAh

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    • EXTEND 35H JOY CON PLAYTIME WITH 1800mAh BATTERY - This grip has 1800mAh power bank inside, so you can play and charge Joy Cons without cable connected. After fully charged (4h), it can extend Joycon life up to 35 hours. A nice wireless option to play games in TV/table-top mode while charging Joycons for long play sessions. When Joycons are dying, just turn on the battery pack and continue to play. ​Also, you must have accessory for travel, especially if you don't have access to electrical outlets.
    • PLAY WHILE CHARGING BOTH JOYCONS AND GRIP SIMUTANOUSLY, NO BATTERY RUN-OUT WORRY ANY MORE - If both the battery pack and Joycons are running out, just plug the USB C cord in the front of the grip. It will charge both Joycons and grip at the same time. So you don't have to dock Joycons back to console or charging station and easily keep playing on TV or PC while charging with the 80cm/32 inches long cable, whenever the battery is low. You can also use it to charge your extra Joycons while not in use.
    • 2 IN 1 JOY-CON COMFORT GRIP TO PLAY WITH A FULL CONTROLLER - This grip combines the left and right Joycon into a full-size controller. The space between Joycons and touch feeling is the same as the stock grip. The handles that sit in your palms are a little larger and more ergonomic shaped, which makes the grip slightly wider and more comfortable to hold in your hands. The size of this grip is good for both children and adults. A must have if you prefer a traditional style controller.
    • EASY TO SLIDE IN/OUT AND JOYCON SECURELY LOCKED - It has plastic rails and is easy to slide the controllers in and out of the grip. Even a child can do it easily on his own. No worry about the Joycon stuck and damage issue. The grip also holds controllers snuggly without wobbling. No worry about Joycon slipping out while playing action games like Super Smash Bros. Unlike the stock grip, there're no screws protruding in the slide slot. So it won't scratch or leave any kind of marks on your Joycons.
    • OVER CHARGE PROTECTION - When the charging grip is not charging the Joy-Cons or the Joy-Cons are fully charged, the grip will cut off charging automatically after about 30 seconds. So you can leave the Joy-Cons in the grip and charge overnight. It also provides protection for overcharged voltage, overload current, short circuit and over temperature.

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